Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Roll a story #2

Character: Underworld Goddess
Setting: Underworld kingdom
Problem: Stuck in the land of the spirit

Once upon a Monday morning, when everyone was bored. a weird purple swirl appeared in the blood red clouds because as I said before, it was a Monday. Everyone went crazy even though this happens pretty much every day in the Underworld so the Goddess went to check it out. Then as she approached the strange floating portal, it swallowed her whole.

Now she is stuck in the land of the friendly spirits for the rest of eternity. Cursed to always appear on Earth when the moon is at its brightest and that's not the worst of it, she has to be dressed as a...

To be continued

I hope you liked my story

Athletics Day

On Tuesday 6th of November, Kauri team and Puriri team had athletics day. We walked to Lovelock Track and did all our athletics there. I did really badly but I gave nearly everything a go. I really enjoyed myself. Here are some photos from the day. Sadly there are no photos of me.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a Story

This week we have been learning about writing narratives and what to include in one. This is my roll a story. First I roll a dice to find a character, then I roll the dice again to find out my setting and then roll the dice again to get the problem.

Character: a beautiful princess
Setting: a magical castle
Problem: ate a poison berry

On a chilly autumn evening, in a enchanted castle, a gorgeous young princess was wandering the corridors. She was daydreaming when she stumbled across a vine wrapping itself around her ankle. She was reaching down to yank it off when she spied a blood red berry.

 The young princess was amazed. She snatched it from the vine and lifted it to her lips.
"Yes" It whispered. A vine sprouted from the tip and wound itself around her face. The berry launched itself in to her mouth and she fell to her knees.

Wake up
                                                     Where am I?
Not where. Who
                                                     Am I Ari, heir to the throne?
Guess again
                                                     Am I Hermione Granger from Harry Potter?
Not quite 
                                                    Can you tell me?
                                                    Who am I?
You are a blood red berry

   To be continued 

I hope you liked my story.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Meeting Tigilau Ness

Today we met Tigilau Ness, father of Che Fu. He is a character from the novel Dawn Raid. We have been learning about the 1970s and the dawn raids this term. He came in to tell us about his life and the Polynesian Panthers. We learned about how he was expelled from high school because he refused to cut his hair. We also learnt that he was imprisoned for 9 months for protesting. 

Tigilau is a member of the Polynesian Panthers which is a organisation that helps the community by doing small things like hosting a homework club for kids that don't do homework at home and helping to tend to others gardens when they can't do it themselves. 

He also sang us some songs. It was really fun. Here are some photos and videos of our experience.
Frankie and Digby greeting our visitor.  

Tigilau telling us his life story.

A photo with Tigilau Ness

Another photo with Tigilau

A video of the song we learnt.

Thank you Tigilau Ness for coming and telling us about the Polynesian Panthers.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Tae Kwon Doe

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks we do Tae Kwon Do. We have had 2 different instructors so far and one was really strict and the other one was only kind of strict. We have learned to punch and to kick and also to throw. I know throwing doesn't sound like something you would do in Tae Kwon Do but it helps you punch straight. Here are some photos from last time.

Maths, Maths and PE

This week is Maths week. On Monday we did a fun mix of PE and Maths. We used BODMAS to figure out our answers. BODMAS is the order we do the operations if there are more than one in a equation. The way we added fitness was that we had to run a lap to Miss Mills and back again. It was so much and I really enjoyed how we had to work as a team to complete the tasks.

Friday, 3 August 2018


This is my bee DLO (digital learning object). We did this because of bee week this term. I really enjoyed learning everything about bees. I hope you learn lots of things from my DLO.