Thursday, 28 September 2017

Hurricane Harvey

This is an article about hurricane harvey that I wrote myself but we found the original article on kiwi kids news and reviewed it. Please enjoy!

Tropical Storm Harvey : Natural Hazards My Review of this article

I think this article is extremely shocking and I think that everyone killed should be recognised. I think that hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard and I guess that it will cost a lot of money to fix the damage it caused. If you could make your article better you could tell us the last most powerful hurricane?

Learning journal

This my learning journal. We had to make these for our parent teacher conferences. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Google animation

We made google animations and mine is right here!
I had loads of fun making this and hope you think of making one yourself.

My speech

In Kauri team, we all had to write a speech. We could do any topic we liked, I choose gas emissions, hard, right. This was my favorite part of my speech!

How can you sleep at night when our world is collapsing? How can you continue your life as our world is slowly but dangerously getting polluted? Are you fighting for our planet or are you making it worse? During this speech I will describe how gas emissions are destroying planet Earth and what we can do about it.

Science Extravaganza

We moved classes for a little while each day and did different experiments with different teachers. I liked it very much. I think it was a good way to get to know how different things work from different people. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I liked making it!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Three lies and one truth

1 Truth…..3 fibs in the  holidays

  • I went Ice skating and I cut my face on the ice.
  • I have a 16 year old exchange student with me. She is from Japan and called Ayaka
  • My sister helped me make sherbert and it was to sour
  • I went to rocket ropes and I was just able to go on the 6 metre high course and I got to scared to go in the barrel.

Which one is true