Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Visit from the Warriors

Ken and Jazz from the Warriors came to our school to talk about hydration, sleep and belonging. We also did a trivia and my team won. We learnt that every primary school child should get at 11 hours of sleep every night and you should drink water all the time. We also learnt that headaches can be caused by dehydration and the Warriors and all adults  should sleep for at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Girl stuck in a bottle

How did I get stuck in this bottle I don't know but I’ll stick to the basics. I’m Maya, Survivor of the fatal bomb attack, out to find help and save the rest of my family. I’ve been floating through space stuck in a bottle of non toxic acid for 2 weeks now. Nothing to drink but this awful poison. Soon I’ll run  out of liquid  or air but if I open the bottle I’ll have no oxygen. Staying here I’m most likely to survive. I only have enough supplies for 2 more days.I don't think I'll survive.