Thursday, 5 July 2018

Black Widow Spider report

This is my report on Black Widow spiders.

I have 8 long, thin legs. I belong to the arachnid family. You may find me lurking in a shadowy corner. I am known for my hourglass shaped abdomen. What am I?

The Black Widow Spider

Image result for black widow spiderAppearance:
A black widow spider should have a hourglass shaped abdomen (Circular). A black widow will have a red marking on their abdomen. They can have be fully black or brown with 8 long skinny legs.

A black widow spider eats mosquitoes, grasshoppers and even snakes. Did you know a female black widow will eat the male soon after mating? Did you also know that the black widow spiders venom will subdue the prey.

A black widow can produce 4-9 egg sacs with 200-900 eggs in each in one summer.
Did you know that once the spiderlings are big enough they ballon by standing on their heads and letting out a thread and catch the wind.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

This is my vertebrates and invertebrates DLO (digital learning object). We made it because this terms focus is invertebrates and vertebrates. I enjoyed learning about everything about invertebrates. What have you learned from my DLO?