Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a Story

This week we have been learning about writing narratives and what to include in one. This is my roll a story. First I roll a dice to find a character, then I roll the dice again to find out my setting and then roll the dice again to get the problem.

Character: a beautiful princess
Setting: a magical castle
Problem: ate a poison berry

On a chilly autumn evening, in a enchanted castle, a gorgeous young princess was wandering the corridors. She was daydreaming when she stumbled across a vine wrapping itself around her ankle. She was reaching down to yank it off when she spied a blood red berry.

 The young princess was amazed. She snatched it from the vine and lifted it to her lips.
"Yes" It whispered. A vine sprouted from the tip and wound itself around her face. The berry launched itself in to her mouth and she fell to her knees.

Wake up
                                                     Where am I?
Not where. Who
                                                     Am I Ari, heir to the throne?
Guess again
                                                     Am I Hermione Granger from Harry Potter?
Not quite 
                                                    Can you tell me?
                                                    Who am I?
You are a blood red berry

   To be continued 

I hope you liked my story.